Old Foster&Pullen Antique Gas Coach Lantern for Customer in Corsham

Gas Lantern refurbishment for client in Corsham

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Entrusted with the revival of a historic gas lit lantern from our clients in Corsham, Wiltshire, we were excited to take on this unique project infused with heritage and technical challenges. The client, wanted to relocate this weathered old antique to their new property, keeping it inline with the original fittings from the 19th Century.

Client and Project Overview

  • Client Profile: Individual
  • Location: Corsham, Wiltshire
  • Project Date: 15/05/2022
  • Service Type: Domestic
  • Project: Refurbished Coach Lantern
  • Size: H 860mm x W 210mm
  • Main Products & Materials Used: Quinetic 6 amp wireless switch receiver QU R303, Quinetic wireless switch Click mode minigrid polar white switch QU GDCL, 2700k LED Squirrel Cage filament lamp
  • Duration/Time to Complete: 10 hours

Challenges and Technical Adaptations

Originating from Foster&Pullen Ltd’s production line, one of the most famous street lighting manufacturers in the UK at the time, the lantern posed multifaceted challenges, particularly regarding non-compliant electrical alterations from a prior conversion. We addressed this by replacing the outdated lamp holder with a contemporary brass fixture, seamlessly integrating it with the lantern’s original design while adhering to modern regulatory standards.

Innovatively repurposing the existing gas piping for electrical cabling required meticulous planning, symbolically linking the lantern’s past gas usage from 1896 with its present electrical adaptation. Securing the lantern and its sturdy bracket required further amendments and customisation to ensure the anchoring techniques, guaranteeing stability.

After rewiring the pre-existing lighting infrastructure, working with both it’s original gas pipes and the non-regulation electrical conversion, we integrated a Quinetic 6amp receiver and wireless switch module, enabling wireless control while honouring the lantern’s original aesthetic.

Final Technical Enhancements

To preserve the lantern’s vintage charm through the conversion, while enhancing energy efficiency, we implemented a squirrel cage filament LED lamp, symbolising the seamless fusion of a traditional gas mantle – the gas version of an electrical / lamp filament.

Each stage of the refurbishment process was meticulously executed, ensuring optimal functionality, safety, and preservation of historical authenticity.


In summary, we successfully revitalised, converted and restored this historic gas lit lantern from the 19th Century, harmonising technical prowess whilst keeping the style of it’s antique heritage. This project was outside of our day to day work and provided us with an enjoyable and meaningful test of how to use our knowledge of the electrical regulations to find solutions that can keep anything old and antique in use, bridging the gap between the lantern’s storied past and its vibrant future.