Outside Lighting and Poolhouse Electrics in Wiltshire

Garden with Swans and Cygnets in Wiltshire

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Over the span of two years, our team undertook a comprehensive project for individual client in Wiltshire with a focus on outdoor lighting and poolhouse electrics. From initial planning to final execution, our involvement saw seamless integration of electrical components, optimising efficiency and concealing wiring for a polished finish.

Client and Project Overview

  • Client Profile: Individual
  • Location: Wiltshire
  • Project Date: 2021-2023
  • Service Type: Domestic
  • Project: Outside lighting, Poolhouse electrics
  • Main Products & Materials Used: LED strip and extrusion, IP rated Spike lights, SONOS speakers, Wireless switching with APP controllers, Desk mushroom lights
  • Duration/Time to Complete: Work took place over 2 years

Challenges and Technical Adaptations

One of the primary challenges encountered was the poor Wi-Fi signal strength across the expansive grounds, hindering smartphone-operated lighting control – a key feature desired by the client. To address this, we installed ethernet cables and positioned routers strategically throughout the property, bolstering signal strength and enabling seamless operation via smartphone apps throughout the grounds. This technical adaptation ensured uninterrupted connectivity and maximised the functionality of the lighting system.

Photos of the Garden and Pool in the evening with the lights on

Final Technical Enhancements

Throughout the project duration, our focus was set on enhancing the technical elements of this project to ensure a seamless design and installation. Utilising a range of high-quality products, including LED strip lighting, IP-rated spike lights, SONOS speakers and wireless switching with APP controllers, we crafted a bespoke solution tailored to our clients preferences. Notably, the inclusion of colour-changing lights and LED strip lighting beneath the fire pit and seating areas added dynamic visual elements, elevating the impact of the featured lighting and furthering the overall ambiance in their Garden and Poolhouse.

Daytime images can show you a bit more of the detail.


In conclusion, our dedicated involvement in this outdoor lighting and pool house electrics project exemplifies our commitment to delivering comprehensive and tailored solutions, and following along the build working with other contractors over the course of two years.

By overcoming challenges and implementing technical adaptations, we ensured seamless integration and operation of the brief, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and practicality of the outdoor environment, which transformed our clients’ vision into a reality, leaving a lasting impression of quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Photos of the construction happening in the early days of this project