Electric Vehicle Charging Points

We can install any charging point you would like to power up your car, or boat for that matter! We are also registered with OLEV, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. This means you don’t have to worry about getting the grant, we work directly with OLEV and the Grant is automatically factored into the cost.

EV Charging Point Installer Chippenham

What is the OLEV EV Charging Purchase and Installation Grant?

Simply put, this is a grant that goes towards the purchasing and the installation of an Electric Vehicle charging point. That means that the cost of us installing the EV Charging Point is also subsidised. There isn’t a limit to the cost or the brand of the EV Charging Point, but the grant is a maximum of £500. As EV Charging Point Installers, and being registered with OLEV we can sort the grant for you, and help you decide which EV Charging Point is going to be best for you now, and in the future. You are only able to apply for one EV Charging point per household so it’s a good idea to know exactly what your requirements are now and if possible, in the future.
Latest EV News
The government have announced that they are only issuing grants for Smart EV Charging Points as from July 2019.

What does this mean?
Smart EV Charging Points are more efficient, easier to manage and as a result, they keep costs down. Just like many Hive and Nest Smart meters they provide you with the control from your mobile. We believe this is part of there attempt to future proof these EV Charging Points. Part of their increased efficiency is that they reduce the chance of high electricity peaks and will give you more control over charging your vehicle in off-peak periods. Again, this really benefits you as the consumer.
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