Cotswolds Green Simpson&Partners EV Chargers for home in Wiltshire

EV Charging Points in Cotswold Green

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Our team do a lot of EV Charger installations, and we always enjoy it when a job comes through requesting Simpson&Partners (S&P) charging points. Installing on a domestic project for individual client in Wiltshire, centred around the installation of double S&P EV chargers. The task also involved fabricating a custom mount or brace to accommodate both chargers seamlessly.

Client and Project Overview

  • Client Profile: Individual
  • Location: Wiltshire
  • Project Date: 20/05/2023
  • Service Type: Domestic
  • Project: Double S&P EV Chargers with Custom Mount / Brace
  • Main Products & Materials Used: 2 x Consumer units with double pole Type A RCD protection, 2 x Simpson&Partner Cotswold Green 7kw car chargers
  • Duration/Time to Complete: 1.5 Days

Challenges and Technical Adaptations

One of the primary challenges faced was the limited electrical supply available, as only enough capacity existed for one charger, previously installed. To address this, we implemented a solution: de-rating each charger to 16A, allowing both to operate simultaneously without overloading the circuit. This technical adaptation ensured the safe and efficient operation of the chargers, enabling the client to charge two vehicles concurrently.

Final Technical Enhancements

The project saw the installation of two consumer units, each equipped with double pole Type A RCD protection, ensuring enhanced safety and compliance with electrical regulations. Notably, the chargers were configured to work in tandem, preventing circuit overload and facilitating the simultaneous charging of two vehicles. This innovative approach prioritised convenience and flexibility for the client.


In just 1.5 days, our team successfully completed the installation of double S&P EV chargers for our client in Wiltshire, showcasing our expertise in domestic electrical solutions. By overcoming challenges and implementing tailored adaptations, we ensured the efficient operation of the charging system while prioritising safety and compliance. The client now enjoys the convenience of charging two vehicles simultaneously form the aesthetically pleasing S&P chargers in cotswold green, mounted on a custom bracket in their barn garage in Wiltshire.