About Nulectrics Ltd

Nulectrics Ltd was started by Alex (or AJ) Greenman in January 2017. Since then we have grown at a steady pace expanding into nationwide UK coverage for commercial projects, whilst maintaining our excellent reputation in our residential work in the local areas surrounding our headquarters in Wiltshire.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to email us directly on info@nulectrics.co.uk.

Alongside the pride we take in our service to you, shown by our 5 stars reviews, to further our service offering to you we take our accreditations within the electrical and broader construction industries seriously. 

Nulectrics Ltd is an Approved Contractors through the NICEIC, and the electricians that work in our team are trained to the highest level and assuring our expertise is tested and backed up by industry leading accreditations.

Read more about our Accreditations here. 


As a team of highly qualified electricians we keep up good communication making sure we’re on time, seeing the job is finished on the required schedule.


We come to do the job and make sure it is carried out to the highest level. And that includes cleaning up after ourselves.


We’re practical thinkers. If you have a job or a project that needs an electricians input, we will happily give you a fews options to match the requirements you have.